Building Nomad with our community

January 10, 2020 by George Obed

Our journey began in January 2019 with one aim; Create an app that help people particularly Africans "manage their money from anywhere in the world". A concise vision, but a big task that has taken us on quite the adventure for the past 11 months.

"Nomad (noun): a member of a group of people who move from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time"

Our research has shown us that in today's world, it's tricky to keep a handle on our money. We found that people are struggling with managing their money in different parts of the world. Capitalising on the changing landscape of banking within Europe and Africa, we have created an exciting new product that takes advantage of a more open financial context to help people reclaim control of their financial future.

Nomad money community
Nomad community
What do I get?

We'll give you access to the Nomad mobile app and a debit card.

Count me in. Eager to know more?

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