Do More With Your Money

Nomad Money app lets you see your spendings clearly, save and invest automatically, pay smart and much more.

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The complete app that helps you manage your financial life. First launching in Nigeria.

All your accounts in one place

See all your various savings, current, and credit accounts shown in a simple list with the overall balance front and centre. Make app juggling a thing of the past and never guess your account balances anymore.

Track spending and set goals

See places you spend most money each month, meaning you have more information to help you budget and save better. Also, push notifications instantly alert you when there’s a deposit to or a withdrawal from your Nomad Money Account.

Save and Invest

Set saving goals e.g. for a new car or a holiday and watch them grow automatically. Build your future by investing in an automatic and recurring way, directly in app. You can start small.

Pay your friends and family

Send money to anyone in your contacts (they’ll have to sign up for Nomad Money). Use Nomad Money to instantly settle a bill, pay someone back, or send funds to family members.

Your money is safe

You can control how and where your Nomad card is used, temporarily freeze and unfreeze your card, and more from within the app. You would not need to expose your other bank cards to misuse or fraud. All financial data at Nomad Money is safe and sound with bank-grade protection and is never stored on any of our devices. Your money is protected.

How to use Nomad Money. It couldn’t be easier

We aren't live with accounts openings yet but have a peek at the steps involved. All you would need is your smartphone and an active mobile number.

Simple sign up

Download the App. Create an account.

Link your accounts

Connect your accounts using your log-in details. Authorise us to pull your down your data.

Manage your money

Watch how we intelligently put together your account transactions. Easy.


Your new financial life starts here

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