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Before you begin
You need to give the retailer a chance to put things right

We are unable to help unless you have tried this first. They’ll usually solve a dispute much quicker than we can - give them at least 14 days to resolve things for you.

Check that the payment isn’t still pending

Check your statement or mobile app to make sure the payment isn’t pending. It can take a few days to go out of your account. Remember, we can’t raise a dispute for you if the payment is still pending.

Check when you made the payment

Each dispute is different – MasterCard and Visa set the rules we have to follow. If the payment was less than 120 days ago we can look into it for you.

Gather the right info

There’s a simple form to complete. You’ll need the following: your account details, the company or retailer name you made the payment to, the amount and date of the payment.

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