Don’t make yourself an easy target

Nomad Money can help you recover your money when a transaction goes wrong or you're a victim of fraud       

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Nomad Money is simplifying retail banking disputes and fraud recovery. First launching in Nigeria.

Payment Disputes

A dispute arises when a Cardholder notifies Nomad Money about a charge on their statement which they do not recognise, request further information for or challenge.

Merchant Chargeback

A chargeback is where after investigation of the dispute the bank debits the merchant's account by the amount of the disputed transaction and credit the Cardholder with the same amount.

Bank Transfer Scam

An authorised push payment (APP) scam, also known as a bank transfer scam, occurs when you send money from your bank account to one belonging to a scammer.

Victim of Fraud

Card fraud may be one of the fastest growing crimes, but good old fashioned vigilance is still an effective deterrent. So long as you do your bit, we'll do our bit.

How to use Nomad Money. It couldn’t be easier

We aren't live with accounts openings yet but have a peek at the steps involved. All you would need is your smartphone and an active mobile number.

The investigation

Our fraud investigators will assess your case to if we can help.

The bank

Nomad Money will prepare your individual case and submit a bespoke report to the bank in order to receive their formal response.

The Regulator

If needed, Nomad Money submits a bespoke report and works with the Regulator investigators.


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