Nomad Money - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

What is Nomad Money?

Nomad Money is a digital banking service that is all about you. We are entirely app-based, so we do not have any physical branches. We are not a bank.

What are we solving?

Nomad Money provides an overview of your bank accounts, enabling you to track your finances and manage your overall spending. We believe in an honest banking system that includes financial inclusion by removing geopolitical barriers.

In conjunction, we want to help millions of people become more financially secure, resilient, confident and independent.

Where are you based?

Wherever is most convenient for you. At home, on the train, in the queue at the supermarket...wherever your smartphone or tablet is, we are there too. Physically, our HQ is in London, and we have a small Lagos office too.

Opening an account

How do I open an account with Nomad Money?

You can open a Nomad account straight from your phone. You can download the app here.

What type of account can I open?

At the moment, we are still building and testing the app but when we launch you can only open a personal account. Ensure that you are signed up and joined the waiting list to be the first to get the latest updates.

Can anyone get a Nomad account?

You can open a Nomad Money account if you are 18 or over and able to pass our KYC for that country as well as connect to your existing bank account.

What device can I use?

You will also need an iPhone running iOS 10 (or later) or an Android phone with 6.0 Marshmallow or above.

Using my account

Does Nomad charge fees?

We may charge fees for some services in the future, and there are fees for things like replacement cards but we are still working on the details.


Ready to try the banking app?

We are in private alpha. Join our community by providing your email address to request early access.

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